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Concerned about the sustainable development of artificial turf, Grassman artificial grass supplier focuses on aging resistance

Grassman artificial grass supplier believes that since artificial turf can provide effective and reliable sports surface all over the world, it is more and more widely used in football fields all over the world. It can be seen from ordinary football stadiums to FIFA World Cup venues. Therefore, its impact on the environment and its sustainable development have received the attention of FIFA. FIFA further launched the sustainable development of artificial turf and environmental protection actions, including drafting the reuse and recycling of artificial turf documents.

What is the difference between artificial turf and natural turf?

Grassman artificial grass supplier states that artificial Turf / Grass is made of synthetic resin such as PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) into imitation grass yarn, which is woven on the base cloth through professional equipment and coated with a fixed coating on the back. Chemical products that make it have natural grass properties.


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