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Playground Grass


SUNLIGYM™ TE-G Playground Grass Supplier

It is an extremely adaptable product which can be used as greens, gym floor and decoration. This product offering quality surfaces that optimize performance levels at all times of the year.

SUNLIGYM™ SL1002 Playground Grass Supplier

For use in light to moderate traffic areas. Super light weight design. Great for temporary application and portability application.

SUNLIGYM™ TP-G Playground Grass Supplier

For use in custom-designed putting greens. This is the ideal product for perfecting your putting skills at home or on the range due to its true ball roll and bounce reaction characteristics. Also can use for decoration purpose.

SUNLIGYM™ EVA Playground Grass Supplier

Our new foam backing turf is powered by the ultra premium grass blade and comes standard on a 8mm foam backing. This is the best turf for indoor area and sports facility. This turf combining beautiful light green, apple green grass blades and tan thatch fibers to create a natural looking.

SUNLIGYM™ WJM-R Playground Grass Supplier

A colorful and cheerful surface, incorporates special designed super fine yarn, brings play areas to life. This turf is a very versatile product enabling schools and kindergartens to create a surface specifically based around their design. The technology of anti-microbial and Quick-drying surface are used to ensure the safety of young child.


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